Baxter of California Best Badger Brush

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This is a stylish and solidly constructed shaving brush from Baxter. With its stylish black handle and chrome trim, this classically designed brush is sure to delight any wet-shaving enthusiast. Weighted predominantly toward the bottom of the handle, this brush will sink nicely into your hand as you grip it, and it feels really natural to hold. We expect it won't easily tip over on your bathroom counter either if you bump it unexpectedly due to its low center of gravity in the handle. The hair is best badger and quite soft to the touch. It doesn't have as much backbone to the flop as some other brushes; however, it seems to be softer than most best badger's as well. Badger hair undoubtedly retains water well (ensuring a luxurious lather) and exfoliates the facial hair promoting that silky-smooth shave with less irritation. This is a medium-large brush with a hefty handle and a much-needed partner to your razor.

Color: Black and Chrome
Total Height: 106mm
Loft: 55mm
Knot Diameter: 20mm
Hair: Best Badger

Dimensions are approximate.

Made in Germany.