Beard Farmer Collection

Q. Does the product work, if so does it work for EVERYONE and will my beard grow 6x longer?

A. The product works and has worked for 1000’s of people. I do not know if it will work for 100% of everyone but so far we have not had any complaints or returns. This is an all natural stimulant for healthy growth & strong hair. As far as growth 6x is the max we have seen and that has been reported. I myself grow about 2-3 times as fast when using this product. The average user will see growth. This product works for people already growing beards. If you do not have hair already it is not going to magically ADD it. This product is also has a money back guarantee if you’re not happy even if you use the whole bottle.

Q. Is this topical?

A. YES, this is topical. You rub it on your beard follicles as close to the skin as possible.

Q. How do I know your company is legit?

A. We are a licensed business in Michigan, our product is in the nationwide UPC database and our label is compliant with FDA Cosmetics labeling Criteria. We sell directly online and the user is protected by either PayPal or Amazon checkout.

Q. The product label says all natural can you elaborate? Is it safe ?

A. YES this is 100% natural but that does not mean sprinkle it on your salad as it’s made for external use only. The break down is 95% oils with 3 carrier oils as a base and 10 essential oils as the active ingredients.. We have not had anyone complain about this products safety. We suggest always doing a skin test before using. There are no harmful chemicals or anything unnatural in this product. Not only is this product natural it is measured out by hand in our facility and quality tested.

Q. Does bottle it themselves and is it made in the USA?

A. YES, we are a Michigan based company and not only do we bottle it here in USA but also hand measure each and every bottle for superior ability down to the last drop.