Cliff Original Collection

Healthy is more than just the food we eat or the miles we run or the sleep we get. Healthy is a much larger puzzle with pieces like rest, inspiration, relationships, fulfillment ... all fitting in. It’s also what we put on our skin and in our hair and how that’s absorbed into our system. Healthy is also more than just about us; it's also what happens when the products we use wash down the drain. 

So we’re working to provide the best, carefully crafted and sourced natural grooming products possible. Free of chemicals and toxins. Our business is built on the desire to support community projects and causes. The relationships we develop with farmer and maker partners reflect how much we care about the products we create and our impact on others.

What's more, this whole thing has been inspired by the original Cliff, Grandpa Cliff; a man passionate about his faith, family and farmland. Always honest and considerate of others. Never straying away from the hard work it takes to do things the right way. Our work to provide high quality, healthy products is matched by our work to leave a legacy worthy of the legacy left by Grandpa Cliff.