Eight Wolves Collection

Our Story

Eight Wolves started producing pomades December 2014. We came up with a pomade formula that truly works with our tropical climate. Our products are both handmade and hand-poured thus promoting locally handcrafted creations.

Our Goal

Our goal is simple: to create pomades and grooming products that can make you look good and feel good. Also, to work with different brands and products to promote the pomade culture and infuse it as part of their daily needs.

Welcome to the Wolf Pack.

Our products are divided into three (3) line-ups.

First is the Eight Wolves Pomade Variants, where you can choose from a selection of pomades with different scents. All have the same formula with the same heavy hold and low-medium shine. Perfect for hot climates.

Next in line is the Gentleman’s Code, which offers a wide range of hair and grooming products, which includes hair pomade, beard and grooming products, soap, cologne and shampoos. This line will continue to grow as we innovate more products that will suit the line.

And lastly, we have our collaboration and special brews. In this unique line, we offer our collaboration pomades with different local brands and special brews for those who wanted pomades that work in a different kind of way.