Nostalgic Moon Paste Cosmic Cologne Medium Hold Pomade 4oz

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-Scent: A smooth cologne blend of amber, bergamot, cedar, leather, neroli, and vetiver .. We call it Cosmic Cologne because we are nerds. 
-Lightweight feel: This product will not weigh your hair down. It’s designed to provide volume and texture. Best used in towel dry/ blow dry hair.
-Medium Hold: We didn’t want to create a product that forces an unnatural style. Moon Paste allows you to accentuate your hair’s natural look.
-Natural finish: This paste will not leave your hair dry and overly matte. 
-Extremely easy application: perhaps our easiest scooping product ever. It also applies into the hair effortlessly without uncomfortable tug or pull. 
-Water Based: Washes out with one shampoo.