Daimon Barber No. 1 Hair Pomade 50g

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Our No.1 Hair Pomade is made with Bee propolis and raspberry silicon. Propolis helps to nourish the hair and scalp and is thought to prevent hair loss while its anti-bacterial properties protect the hair and keep the scalp healthy.  Raspberry silicon moisturises the hair so that, unlike many other styling products which have a drying effect, No.1 leaves the hair feeling silky soft and conditioned. Being water based, No.1 is easily washed out whilst offering a medium hold and natural, healthy shine.  For all hair types.

This pomade is free from parabens and nasty chemicals, and all our ingredients are sourced from the UK.

Disclaimer: Owing to the way honey bees harvest propolis from a variety of botanical sources, the contents of each jar may vary in colour, this is only an aesthetic detail and does not affect the usage at all.

1. Apply a fingertip scoop to hair.
2. Work through before styling. The damper the hair, the higher the shine.