Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush Ivory w/stand 1EJ877SDS

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Edwin Jagger Faux Ivory Best Badger handmade English shaving brush. These fabulous Edwin Jagger shaving brushes are created in Sheffield, England combining cutting edge technology and traditional craftsman skills and using selected polyester material for the brush body. All are hand filled with excellent quality best badger hair. Best badger hair is an excellent quality brush for those wet shavers who use a hard shaving soap, prefer a rather firmer sensation during lathering or those with coarser beard hair; badger hair is chosen because the ability of the individual hairs to absorb hot water during the shave will ensure a very effective lathering performance for your daily shave with either shaving cream or shaving soap. Each comes packaged with a matching plastic drip stand as we always recommend that, after daily use, shaving brushes are thoroughly rinsed in warm water and hung to dry. This brush comes packaged in a blue box with an Edwin Jagger logo and is accompanied by care instructions to ensure longevity. A fabulous gift.