Lockhart's Professional Hair Pomade 4oz

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Lockhart's Professional Water Based Pomade is a medium/firm hold water based pomade that has all day hold, high shine, and a masculine  fragrance with subtle notes of lavender, earthy moss, and musk, super fresh, super clean. Using our "PliaLOCK" technology this product remains firm and pliable throughout the day to allow for all day hold while still being able to be reactivated with just a small amount of water without the crispy, "hardening" feel of gel type pomades. 

Cool as a cucumber:
Just what is "Cucumber fruit extract" and why is it in a pomade?

Cucumbers are known for their health benefits (you know you've seen your girl with cukes over her eyes). Cucumbers are LOADED with vitamins A and C and Silica. Vitamin A helps the body produce healthy sebum, keeping the hair properly hydrated, preventing brittle and dry hair. Vitamin C helps build collagen and allows the hair to absorb the necessary amounts of iron which keeps hair looking strong and healthy. Silica is known to strengthen blood vessels and promote healthy blood flow to the scalp. Cucumber fruit extract is also loaded with alkaline minerals such as sodium, potassium, and magnesium which helps soften and strengthen hair. They don't call the cucumber a super food for nothing.

HOLD: Medium/Firm
SHINE: Medium
TEXTURE: Semisolid
SCENT: Subtle notes of lavender, earthy moss, and musk. Not overpowering so it will blend well with colognes or desired fragrance.