Quixote Pomade - Heavy Water Based 4oz

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Hold: Heavy
Scent: Blackberry Forest (blackberry, vanilla, bay leaf, vetiver)

In any epic tale, you’ll find your heroes never embark on easy journeys. At some point, the going gets rough. Riding on horseback across harsh terrains, swinging swords at archenemies, and rescuing the love interest at the end take a serious toll on your favorite adventurers. With Quixote’s Heavy Hold Water-Based Pomade, the swashbucklers, knights, and chosen ones all have the ability to keep their hair in place with the added convenience of easy rinsing.

Order a 4oz jar of Quixote’s Heavy Hold Water-Based Pomade to experience the same hold, control, and all-day workability as your favorite heavy oil-based pomade. However, this product rinses out easily and will not leave your hair feeling greasy while using it. With a fresh citrus cologne scent, this handmade pomade was perfected after months of quality testing to provide you with excellent performance.

Hand poured in Sacramento, CA.