The Goodfellas Smile Straight Razor Inferno Red

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This stylish replaceable-blade Shavette 'Inferno' from The Goodfellas Smile is a straight razor for single-edge razor blades. It is also possible to use double-sided razor blades: break the double-sided blade in half and you have two one-sided razor blades!
You can loosen or tighten the hinge of the handle as desired with a set screw.

The red Shavette inferno by The Goodfellas Smile has trouble-free mechanism to place the razor blade in the holder.
The black metal blade holder is coated with Teflon.
A Shavette is particularly suitable for tidying up the edges of the beard.

Shaving with a Shavette takes some practice. Take ample time for this shaving technique and for example, practice on a balloon with shaving cream first, such as Turkish barbers in training do that. If the balloon pops, then you are doing it wrong!

This Shavette comes in a velvet pouch and with a packet of 5 Derby double-sided razor blades.

Product information
Handle: plastic, length 13 cm
Blade: metal, inferno red, 11.5cm
Blade holder: black with Teflon-coated steel
Weight: 30 grams